Can there be monsters living
In a monstrous world?
Would you see them?
Would you know them?
And if I am one of them?

The snows drifts are growing cold
Their one color growing old.
The walls of my lair are growing taller
Or am I growing smaller?
Better have an answer
If you dare to enter.

Would you recognize evil living
In a hellish world?
Would you see it?
Would you know it?
And if I am part of it?

Can you name me a place
Where monsters don’t get first place?
Survival made us so horrible,
Living made us so terrible,
Success made it all bearable,
Conscience made it unsolvable,
All punctuated by ice cap melting,
Forest fire burning,
So many wars raging
And I’ve made money at it
Can it all justify it?

Could you change this world
Is there any hope?
Could you change my world
Can I offer you any hope?

I see you walking against the monsters
Because you dare – Because you care.
Our peppery breath is already clouding your march
Across your path,
Forming a sunken arch,
Falling into a long stretched out rope
Across your path.
Your only defense: hands tied into a short thin hope.
For the first time, I fear this first time,
That it will be your last time.

What if monsters have a name?
Would you give the devil my name?
Ooh I wish you’d see me,
Ooh I wish you’d look at me
Swimming in my sea of shame,
Holding on to good deeds floating surface deep,
Fearing the depths of what you shall reap.

But what if monsters could have a last dream?
What if monsters could not reign supreme?
I’d ask; would you measure the weight of my soul?
I’d ask; would you count the beats of my heart?
Could you find forgiveness; put me on parole?
Or would you sit in judgment,
Judge and Witness,
Unburdened by all this sentiment,
My guilt having driven you as far as Olympus,
Our two worlds so far apart, unreachable,
Because of my many sins so unforgivable.

I’ve accepted it;
I lived beyond reason;
I have put a cross on this.
I’ve accepted it;
I am beyond redemption;
I am pretty much nailed to this.

The only way you could change the world,
It’s to walk away from my world,
Please, forget me and my monster world,
You don’t have to inherit my monster world,



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