Picture from Man-up against suicide exhibition

Forever; your dream has come

Forever; your dream has come;
In the day whispering your name,
In the night courting your soul,
To take you on first and last date stroll.

Forever; your dream has come;
You believe the answers are at the end of a road
Too narrow. Unable to gaze upon its horizon so broad,
Your questions weigh more than their answers’ sum,
“What’s left behind?” you ask. “The best part of me!
In silence; as only each single letter, written, can be.”
It happens when mind’s vocabulary misspell faith,
Fooling and tricking the eyes to instead read fate.

Forever, your dream has come;
You swear for one last time,
To listen to the story,
Of all of these graffiti
Carved upon your body.

You remember, the first time:
“Johnnie Walker helped putting them there!”
And you wish this time:
“Johnnie, don’t be empty; help me care!”

In this world, you see no beauty,
None that you can see on TV,
The Evil inside wishes to meet the Devil outside,
You hear him howling by the curbside,
By day; by night; it’s shouting your name,
Because forever your dream has come.


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