Here is the Unnatural petition of the 943 to cash in on more than $1 billion dollars through the demutualization of this company… to get more than $1 million each…

God wills it! Nature demands it! And fate; what about fate? Fate can be bought and for those of us – the 943 – graced by the natural virtues accorded by wealth; invested with the blessings of luxuries; favored by opulent necessities; empowered through our advantageous positions, we shutter NOT in taking from others the hand of destiny. We state that wealth can take you very far but for the rest of the way, it is up to greed.

And it is in this spirit and from this natural order of things that we offer this humble petition to the most Honorable Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty to consecrate our demands in allowing this just demutualization of Economical Insurance. To the rightful exclusion of hundreds of thousands of policyholders of this majestic company, we – the 943 – are of common accord. In this harmony of profitable purpose who could doubt the sincerities of our democratic principles?

It is past the time of taking counsel. It is past the time of discretion and cautiousness. We – the 943 – are the farmers who gazing upon the field of their labors, grown and cared by us since 1871 into this great harvest, only want to enjoy the fruit of their endeavor. Is that so wrong? Shouldn’t it be the law of this land to get what you have produced?

Still there are fears; obstacles against our wishes; feeble voices that should remain silent and unheard but able to gain undesirable attention by their quantity and not their quality. Should the Honorable Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty listen to such dissonance? We – the 943 – will not take ownership of unrestrained arrogance and presume to answer this question. But we- the 943 – hope the Honorable Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty is opened to suggestions. If it is the conclusions from this Ministry that these people have some form of claim against our property, shouldn’t it be the duty of this government to look after their needs. Shouldn’t the government of the people care for the people while letting private interests take care of private interests? Let us have our millions and let the taxpayer deal with these disgruntled policyholders.

On the basis of this elegant discourse where truths are self evident, we implore the Honorable Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty to allow us to continue with this demutualization and to gain in this fashion our just reward.



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