Note from the author:

Here we go again. I am taking another shot at this story. I started Eminent Domain as a story about 10 years ago and every time before even the ink had the chance to dry on the paper, I would put this story away because I felt I was not ready to write it. There are stories which demand a form of sacrifice by losing part of yourself. It is only at this particular moment in your life that you can you gain the perspective necessary to write the words freed from this loss and honed by this gain on the whetstone of truth.

Machiavelli believed: “Men will not look at things as they really are, but as they wish them to be – and are ruined.” Writers should heed these words despite the fact we are allowed through fiction to not look at things as they are. But then the value of the words is limited to entertainment. Wishing otherwise will ruin the work and the writer. I want Eminent Domain to be more than entertainment.

To be able to write Eminent Domain, I had to lose faith in humanity, equality and justice – principles dear to my heart and sacred to my soul – in order to question my beliefs. Whether I will rediscover and find my faith again in these principles by the end of the book is unknown. When walking alone upon the path of darkness, will the wary traveler find salvation in the light or by learning to survive in darkness?

I offer a warning to any readers of this story. I will write and imagine doorways to ideas which shall shame me. These ideas will disturb many. If this is the case, I offer no apologies since I share your own misgivings but while you can stop reading I must continue on writing. In this story, I must peer into the soul of a monster. But then is he a monster when he represents what our society has best to offer? Monsters do talk back and my monster is already looking back at me challenging me on how I defined him. I hear him saying in the distance shortened through every word written:

Can there be monsters living – Untold,
On a monstrous world?
Is the demon you see, your only angel,
Willing to walk in hell?

Note: I am writing Eminent Domain in bits and pieces. This part of the text introduces the purpose of John Smith and would be located after the first or second chapter of the book.

Advocates of capitalism are very apt to appeal to the sacred principles of liberty, which are embodied in one maxim: The fortunate must not be restrained in the exercise of tyranny over the unfortunate”Bertrand russell


WARNING: Intentional or unintentional disclosure of classified information, whether or not the individual had knowledge that such information was classified, is prohibited by USC Title 18 Ch 37 Secs 793, 798 and is punishable by law.

From: Office for the Betterment of Humankind (OBH)/ Director: John Smith

To: OBH, Board of Directors

Executive Summary
Because Humanity can’t better itself by itself, We must show the Way…
We are a merry band of Humanitarians!

The Office for the Betterment of Humankind commonly known as OBH was established at the beginning of this year as a 501(c)(3) organization located in Washington DC. Funding of this office will be obtained through a Super PAC aptly named “To Better our Future” which will allow OBH to raise funds from involved individuals and corporations without any legal limits on donation size. The office shall be staffed by 10 individuals; myself as the Director and Chief Analyst, one executive assistant, two senior analysts and four junior analysts with two administrative assistants to finalize this complement.

The mission of OBH is simple and is to conduct high-quality, independent research and, based on that research, to provide innovative, practical recommendations for the advancement of three broad goals:

1. Strengthen world globalization;
2. Foster greater integration of the world economy and security; and
3. Secure more open free markets ensuring a prosperous and cooperative international system.

The effectiveness of these three goals shall not be measured in the level of benefits provided to the global population referred in this document as the Have-Nots. They shall be measured in relation to the benefits and advantages provided to the Transnational Capitalistic Class (TCC) or Superclass referred in this document as the Elite.

The necessity of this office was established in the last Bilderberg Conference where a consensus was reached surrounding the need to increase the rate of expansion and institutionalization in regards to the process of globalization not simply in the economic sphere, but in the social and political domains as well.

Historically, this historic meeting will become our Wannsee Conference. Many of us dislike this reference to the Final Solution of the perceived problem of the Jews by Germany’s elite. However one cannot dismiss the success and effectiveness of this conference. Through this conference, the Nazi regime was able to secure and ensure the cooperation of all the administrative and bureaucratic arms of the government in an unimaginable but necessary act of evil. This was so successful that even when Germany was crumbling militarily under the assault of its foes, the final solution to the Jewish question continued without suffering any negative disadvantages. In implementing our final solution to the Have-Nots, we should remember this lesson because there will be no turning back once we have started the implementation of the New World Order. I also use the final solution terminology purposely in order to remind everyone that great changes can only be achieved through great pain, sufferance and death; particularly deaths in an over populated world of Have-Nots. As shown by Stalin in the rapid industrialization of Russia – rapid and dramatic changes can only be done through incalculable human costs.

None of the Elite will have clean hands after globalization has been achieved. The only clean hands will be the hands of the Have-Nots who have not opposed this change; empty hands free to pledge their service to us and to receive our benign benediction and protection. We are the high priests of globalization and we must ensure that the right sacrifices are made on the altars of our New World Order.

Organizations such as Bilderberg, FMI, World Bank… have been highly effective in promoting and establishing globalization and the New World Agenda but we could state that they have been the victims of their own success by polarizing an array of opposing forces. These forces coined by Zbigniew Brzezinski as the “global political awakening” is defined by him as a surge in global activism for the quest of cultural respect and economic opportunity for all in a world scarred by memories of domination. This global activism represents a current and present threat to the New World Order, Globalization and Centralization of Power. As the Elite, we are at the threshold of our greatest achievement, the onset of a new era unparallel by its security, control and domination of one over all of the others. It is therefore not surprising that on this hour we face our greatest peril when all of our secrets could be exposed to the Have-Nots.

Our success is built upon the premise of apathy and noninvolvement from the Have-Nots. To keep the beast from waking up we have so far relied on propaganda. One of the great examples of propaganda has been the Elite’s ability through bipolar politics to cultivate the Left’s distrust in the private enterprise influencing the Left to put its faith in government while fostering the Right’s distrust of the government influencing the Right to put its faith into private enterprise while at the same time hiding to both the Left and Right that government and private enterprise had merged into one integrated and global entity. The hope of Andrew Gavin Marshall is our greatest peril. We must never let the “‘Left’s’ distrust of corporations merge with the ‘Right’s’ distrust of government to create a trust in ‘people’.”

Propaganda as stated by Bernays is the conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses and we who manipulate this unseen mechanism which is now reaching out globally will be able to constitute an invisible global government on the verge of becoming the true temporal and spiritual power of this world. However, we have to realize that global activism can be an effective deterrent to propaganda. As a result, it was decided that better refined, integrated and applied strategies were vital in order to overcome this temporary opposition.

Where do we start and what will be the basis of this integrated strategy?

I have decided to use as a point of beginning and foundation one of the first powerful statement of Machiavelli in his book The Prince: “All states, all powers that have held and hold rule over men have been and are either republics or principalities.” As we will see in our recommended strategies, the concept of a state holding dominion over men has disappeared through globalization.

The concept and applications of a nation have literally disintegrated to irrelevance and only some parts of the state congruent with control and security will be saved. Nation-states will only be allowed to continue to exist as ZOE (Zone of Enforcements) in order to permit the free passage of capital while restricting human and labor movements across ZOE. Machiavelli would have been first to recognize that Principalities have ceased to exist as no prince can exist in a global world.

In the New World, republics and principalities have been replaced by free markets and restricted (closed markets). Corporations will dislodge the state by holding power over men. The time of the prince is now gone. The time of the people will never have seen the light of day. It is now the age of the merchants.

This dramatic change or shift in power must be clearly understood at its deepest level. Again we use Machiavelli as a reference. In his words, the time of princes, prior the industrial revolution was a period where wealth was scarce and power was abundant. For the princes, the purpose of power was to extract wealth to be used to make power scarce by denying it to others therefore concentrating it in the hands of a few princes.

In the age of the merchants, wealth is abundant and power is scarce because shared by many (the result of the dangerous and heinous idea of a government for the people by the people with the masses believing they could become Princes). For the merchants, Elites and as the 1%, the purpose of wealth should therefore be to extract power to be used to make wealth scarce again by denying it to others therefore concentrating it in the hands of the 1%.

Power will be pulled by pushing wealth into islands of inequities (pumping our agenda) pitting Have-Nots against Have Nots so that their eyes are blind to our wealth and their lust set upon each other. As arbitrators, we shall always find some willing to be duped and to be used. This may seem heartless but in the end the Elite has to remember that the Have-Nots are countless and if they are able to organize they can afford to lose many in order to replace the few. Killing millions of them would be like removing a few drops of water taken from the ocean. Such disequilibrium in numbers can only be sustained through a corresponding disequilibrium in the application of force. It is therefore the purpose of the OBH to develop a set of strategies which when arranged and implemented around the world will become the protocols that will unleash the forces necessary to achieve globalization leading to the instauration of the New World Order.

Private Notes, Agenda and Journal of John Smith
The age of the merchants is ultimately but the financialization of fascism built on the three pillars of exploitation, consumption and destruction. What can be exploited and consumed will be destroyed and what cannot be exploited and consumed will be destroyed. Humanity’s destiny cannot be avoided as we have already written in stone our fate and doom.

I cry not for our fate but I weep for the scorched earth we leave behind. What can come after us in such a landscape of desolation? Humanity cannot be protected against itself but maybe some part of the Earth can be protected against Humanity.

It is manifest that after the New World Order has been established and after the final solution of the Have-Nots has been successfully implemented that the greed of the Elite shall be turned upon themselves because there always can be more to be taken even if there is less to be had.

I predict that it will not take long before the Elite take refuge behind their economic corporate fortresses in order to wage a global war of acquisitions and destruction until at the end one fortress shall remain standing into a landscape of desolation. This corporate fortress shall be the sovereign and will have as its kingdom only its walls since everything shall lay ruined inside and outside of the fortress.

If something of Humanity’s fate can be changed it is only the time of our final hour. I somehow believed that such fate can be hastened. The age of the merchants does not have to last one thousand years. If it can be reduced by half maybe then there will be something left of the Earth.

As a result, while the OBH will be occupied in creating the protocols of this New World Order, I intend to subvert these protocols in order to ensure that the final solution include not only the Have-Nots but also the Elite.

The Elite shall be the object of the downfall of the Have-Nots and I shall be the object of the downfall of the Elite in the hope that none us shall remain standing under the blue sky.

Am I the monster when I am the only one who offers any hope?


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