The forced deportation of the Chagossians by England to allow the United States to build a military base there is one of the most horrible stories of our modern times. It says a lot about us and racism. The United States was supposed to build this base on the atoll of Aldabra but the public reaction was very negative as this could endanger the habitat of the turtles living there.

The site of this military base was therefore relocated to Chagos. The public did not seem concerned with the habitat of what Lord Greenhil of Harrow called a few Tarzans and Man Fridays.

Between a few turtles and a few Tarzans or Man Fridays, we know who was the clear winner. This shows truly our nature.

Lord Greenhill of Harrow (England):

The goal of this exercise today, is to take property
Of a few rocks, to make nameless a few stones,
Where there are no indigenous populations other than a few seagulls.
And while they assemble in some form of assembly; these seagulls
Never thought to elect a commission, to give themselves a country.
With the eviction of these seagulls, will also  be gone
A few Tarzans or Man Fridays. If blames have to be assigned:
Then blame these seagulls who have been so disorganized!

The United States :

The goal of this property is to exercise power for its own sake.
On this earth, obedient synonyms of our Empire; we will make.
In the Indian Ocean, we chose the atoll of Aldabra with the objective
Of building a military base where other than a few turtles, no native
Population can testify to the particular nature of our operation.
But these turtles had a hard shell and won the support and attention
Of the public. Those of the Protection of Wildlife were so successful,
These Turtles traded misfortune with good fortune of a few seagulls,
A few Tarzans or Man Fridays. If blames have to be assigned:
Then blame these turtles who were so organized!

The Chagossians :

Do you need to have purpose and value to be given the right
To be? Our ancestors, since 1776, lived on the Chagos Island.
We were found guilty of living by picking coconuts and fishing.
We paid for this crime with forced deportation. Herein,
Coming late at night to hide the color of our skin,
Showing the white of our eyes, we were pleading;
With cries punctuated by tears in eyes now forever darkened; unseeing.
The grip on their guns, speaking silence, never even once softened.
Less than nothing, we became barely shadows in the night
Quickly disappearing with the vague silhouette of a boat untold,
Rushing to empty our tears filling the bottom of their ship’s hold,
With a few Tarzans on the wharf of Seychelles and Maurice Island.

Me :

Tarzan or Man Fridays,
I will travel along these 24 hours to understand
What makes us brothers by becoming a Man of Thursdays.
I will reach beyond the very last second to tell you: Despite
Your antonyms of human beings, you have this undeniable right:
To walk upon your ancestral land.

Still me :

In the past, I cry for all of the Évangélines
For all these people like the Acadie, but I imagine
Ignorance learning from history, please dry my tears!

In the present, I rage over Chagos and all likely sorrows
Of all these people with stolen dreams and tomorrows.
Ignorance and history, why have you dried my prayers?

In the future, I despair all of my life of feeling empty
When these people: the two roses of the democracy
Can in the past and present, unchecked, conduct such evil affairs.


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