MILLENIUM MEDICAL: A biopharmaceutical company incorporated in Delaware with its office and operations in Quebec has an history of false claims is promoting Albacore as the cure for the West Nile virus.

FAIR LIFE INSURANCE: An insurance company with a reputation of poor ethical conduct is denying the existence of more than one thousand insurance policies while refusing to pay many death claims.

THE AUTHORITY: The Quebec government body mandated to regulate the financial industry is willing to do anything to hide the truth regarding Fair Life and Millenium Medical.

DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE: In 1987, the insurance industry faced with the consequences of having marketed and sold toxic products is on the brink of bankruptcy. Out of options and to save this industry, Allan Walsh, deputy finance minister agrees to the EDEN COMPACT opening the door to the demutualization of several insurance companies. But is there something more sinister behind the EDEN COMPACT?

For war decorated hero, Master Warrant Officer Marc Tremblay, who left the only life he knew, disillusioned by the suicide of one of his soldier, he must fight upon a new battlefield where corporations have all the advantages with their money and influence in order to uncover the truth and to keep faith with a promise made to his dead brother of looking after his family.

For fired journalist Nancy Cary, Millenium Medical represents the tip of the iceberg of the Delaware – Quebec Suspicious Trade Corridor. At the cost of her job, she embarks on a personal crusade to expose an institutionalized pump and dump investment scheme.
Was it fate that brought Marc Tremblay and Nancy Cary together or is there something more sinister behind Millenium Medical and Fair Life Insurance? Is there a link between the two companies’ suspicious activities? Finding the answers is their only chance of survival as they try to evade police and hired killers on the streets of Montreal already hostage to the chaos of a student strike paralyzing the province of Quebec. They must discover how politics, institutionalized and organized crime have come together to create a new form of crime:  REGULATED CRIME


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