It is the rest of US and we are called;
The 99% and anointed
Always: as The Kings of Nothing.
A title given because we never owned
Always: neither land nor building.

Wherever we go: We are the itinerants with a hunger
Avid – occupying all of our thoughts; a territory
Where moving our feet bring us no closer
From removing the shackles weighing on our dignity,
Where there are no cows lowing in the morning to answer
The cries and even the dead silence of our children.
In the earth, our status, the sun has profoundly written
A drought of hope where laughter is evaporating faster
Than the last rain dripping on our cheeks, carving deeply,
A future read in our wrinkles: furtively and eternally.

They are the few of US and they are called;
The 1% and anointed
Always: as The Kings of Everything.
An appropriate title since they have possessed
Always: except the people, most of everything.

Whatever they do: They are the scholars of an abundance
Greedy – cluttering most of their thoughts; a province
Animated by false gaiety, heavy, because good conscience
Peaceful is illusive and impossible to purchase.
Our sounds of pain and sorrow could not be ignored anymore.
Our notes of despair are rising and creating such a dissonance
With the symphony of joyful entertainment and the insouciance
Of all those sparkling toasts made to their own exuberance,
That the Kings of Everything had to finally recognize our existence,
As their counterparts by asking us: “What do you require?”
“We want your help because too great is our necessity!”
“Times are hard for us also,” answered the Kings of Everything.

Being the Kings of Nothing and so intimate with charity,
Our knowledge of hardship, we were willing to share.
We asked: “How can we help you?” Not aware
Of the price, to pay, was going to be our own dignity.

The Kings of Everything with the hope of winning
Good conscience which had eluded them to this day,
Able to resolve their dilemma jumped at the opportunity
And answered: “We accept your offer of generosity.
Forsake, surrender your title and be satisfied today
To become, forever:                           Nothing.”


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